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Homebuyers are looking for a top-notch virtual experience while shopping homes online

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

If there is one thing that has changed in the past few months, it is how people shop for their new homes. The importance of a home in our lives more than anything else has risen manifold after the pandemic hit our lives. Staying at home and slogging at their job for months have triggered a realization among homebuyers that they need better homes and a better experience while shopping for homes.

As a realtor, this tantamounts to swift changes in the way homes are presented to shoppers. Gone are the days when real estate agents armed with shiny brochures and a gift of the gab approached homebuyers to present home options of their dreams.

While it’s true that the satisfaction of viewing their homes physically is unbeatable, but of late buyers have become tech-savvy and want to use virtual reality tours and 3D walkthrough experiences before they home in on their dream abode. Today, face-to-face is mostly screen to screen and home shopping has gone online.

Homebuyers want a digital experience that comes with rich, professional images of properties, gives a virtual, cinematic feel that is studded with spatial sounds to lend an immersive experience. It should capture valuable information like measurement data, 360-degree panoramas and even show sunlit areas. So, the onus is on real estate agents to provide top-of-the-line features that arrest a potential buyer’s attention and makes an impression that goads him to make a booking.

Property elements home buyers want to see while browsing online for homes

1. Property details & floor plans: Before virtually exploring a property, it is important that clients know the lengths and breadths of a property to get an idea of the unit size, the interior dimensions and the floor plans. So, realtors should include data that is complete with floor plans, 360-degree panoramas, room dimensions and property areas. You can also include a Google map showing the location of the property so that users can check out the area,

2. Virtual Tours: Remember millennials constitute almost half of the online home shoppers. Raised on technology and hungry for instant gratification, millennials are looking for 3D tours and virtual showings that offer a real feel of the property instantly. The video should be of high quality and contain panoramic shots through which a user can navigate from one 360-degree image to another without any fuss.

3. Virtual Staging: This is the latest client puller, fancy & important enough to stop a buyer from jumping between pages and invite him virtually inside. Virtual staging makes use of the augmented reality that helps a buyer to decorate an empty apartment by dropping furniture and other items throughout the property, without a stager having physically present in the house.

So, it’s easy to see why realtors need to ramp up their business strategies with the times and capture the interests of Gen Z in a way that helps in unlocking multiple property deals.

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