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Homebuyers seek an immersive homebuying experience. VR & 3D Real Estate tech are fulfilling it today

It’s 2021, a year since the pandemic struck; or shall we say a year since the biggest breakthroughs in technology, looking at the proliferation of actionable tech in every industry. Times have changed, a bit too sudden, and sectors like real estate have evolved, riding the tech wave, and emerged stronger.

Homebuying has suddenly become high-tech, thanks to the eruption of the pandemic. What was once an analog business has given way to 3D real estate tech and virtual reality tours. And homebuyers are overwhelmingly opting for that immersive experience.

While a few years back, homebuyers would scoff at taking a 3D walkthrough or a virtual tour of a property, today, millennials with smartphones attached to their hip are comfortable buying homes over the internet. Tech-savvy as they are, homebuyers don’t want to wade through explanations, negotiations and real-time life visits to properties.

Real estate agents, on the other hand, can grow their business, get more clients, enjoy a better reach and deliver top-notch services through the use of virtual reality. So, how can you leverage virtual reality in the real estate business? Here’s a lowdown.

Virtual Property Showcases

In a precarious situation like the pandemic where social distancing and stay-at-home are a new normal, VR technology helps homebuyers virtually visit properties from the comfort of their homes. Homebuyers can enjoy an immersive, three-dimensional walkthrough of any property under the sun and visit multiple properties at the click of a button and decide which properties are worth visiting in person.

Architectural Visualization

Marketing a property that isn’t erected was a painstaking challenge for realtors. While full-scale 3D models had to be built earlier, VR technology has solved the challenge with architectural visualization. Realtors can show an immersive view of the property right from the exteriors to the interiors within minutes so that clients can fathom what is on offer.

How to make the best use of virtual reality and 3D tech?

1. Invest intelligently in the tech: Virtual reality & 3D tech is replete with opportunities and is essential thing for C-suite leaders and realtors to navigate the challenges conjured up by the pandemic. An intelligent investment in real estate 3D tech tools, can help your clients visit property listings without leaving their homes, save time, effort & money and add mileage to your real estate business. Also, realty agents can use VR to attract prospects, increase engagement and earn higher commissions.

2. Enhance and customize the tours: Once you have invested in proper tech tools, you can go a bit further and add customizations directly in the 3D tours including spatial interactive techniques that add differentiated value to potential clients and establish your expertise with them.

3. Promote on social media: Sharing 3D tours of listings on social media can be a great opportunity to hook in potential buyers, speak to them directly and drive sales. This will save a lot of effort. You can also ask sellers to share their property in 3D form for faster sale of their property.

Virtual reality and 3D tech push is going to be game-changer

in the real estate industry. While the tech is easy to access and understand by any potential homebuyer, it has also helped real estate agents to make their work more efficient and earn handsome commissions.

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