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How 3D Virtual property tours can generate more leads?

Still using those old-school 2D photos to generate leads for selling your property. The world has moved on post-pandemic and 3D virtual tours have become the talking point in the real estate fraternity to drive interest and emotionally engage a buyer and sell a property.

3D architectural renderings have put the buyer, seller and agent on the same page with their seamless, simplistic and holistic technologies that benefit everyone across the real estate spectrum. Realistic virtual motion imagery can not only impress the seller who would love their property to look appealing to a potential buyer but also can help an agent to get a listing.

If you are still thinking about whether 3D virtual property tours are a thing, these figures will give you some food for thought.

  • 95% of home buyers use the internet to scour for homes

  • 80% of people opt for homes having virtual walkthroughs during an online home search

  • Almost 77% of clients want to do a virtual tour before paying a real property visit.

  • 62% of people choose a real estate agency that provides virtual real estate tours.

  • 3D tours generate 4x more interest from millennials and Gen Z buyers.

  • Agents generate 400% more leads from property listings having virtual tours.

These stats cannot be flatly ignored and tell a story about how property transactions have moved into the future, how first-time tech-savvy property buyers want to get a real sense of the property’s look and feel before inking a deal and how real estate agents can benefit big time by inculcating 3D walkthroughs in their real estate handbook.

3D virtual tours increase online engagement: Just by having a virtual property tour on your website, you can edge out the competition, attract unbridled attention from prospective clients and increase online engagement by a considerable margin. Nearly 75% of home seekers said that having a virtual tour has helped in better and quicker decision-making. Apart from that, virtual tours offer visitors confidence in your business which ultimately will trigger a perennial stream of traffic into your website.

Time saved for buyers: Searching for a home that ticks all the boxes is a strenuous exercise for homebuyers. So, if you as a real estate agent can save a gargantuan amount of their time with a virtual tour, buyers will be gunning for you. They will indulge in this cinematic experience and enjoy viewing the property multiple times to the minuscule. What’s more, you will get word-of-mouth publicity and referrals from satisfied homebuyers that will boost your brand image and fetch you promising leads.

Tours available 24/7: With dynamic 3D visual tours, you have all the aces up your sleeve. There is no worry about scheduling appointments for client property visits since customers can visit your property at any time, from anywhere, and from any device with a virtual tour. It saves a lot of effort, time and money for both parties and the deal ends on a happy note. For a real estate agent, it sets him miles apart from the competition and increases his chances of winning over clients in a fruitful manner.

In the end, these numbers tell a success story across the customer journey:

  • Virtual tours get 40% more clicks than listings without them.

  • Properties featuring virtual tours fetch 65% more email inquiries than those without.

  • Properties with virtual tours get 95% more phone inquiries.

In a nutshell, inducting virtual tours into your real estate website is worth the investment and effort. With virtual property viewing, properties will sell faster since homebuyers will be able to see properties in far more detail, allowing them to decide on the homes they will want to view in person and to prepare for the next step. Real estate agents and sellers will reap a bountiful harvest from virtual tours as 95% of buyers will like to do homework on properties with 3D walkthroughs.

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