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How Virtual Tours can improve your realty website's SEO performance?

What is the secret sauce for good website performance? It’s SEO, right!! Search Engine Optimization is the oil a website needs to generate more traffic from search engines like Google to your website. It is this process that makes your business relevant, catapults your brand name to the top in the SERP race, and increases the website’s trust among the digital public.

One of the most important aspects for SEO to work flawlessly is content. Google loves content, especially actionable content. Without high-quality content, making an impact in the competitive digital melee is next to impossible. From good CTR (Click-Through-Rate) to high-quality backlinks to relevant keywords, if it’s attracting people to your website and they are spending time there, it’s helping your SEO.

With time, people are looking for more engaging and highly interactive content that goes beyond the text, especially in the real estate spectrum. Here’s where virtual tours come into play. Virtual tours and 3D property walkthroughs have become the harbinger of traffic for real estate websites. Real estate consumers, particularly millennials and Gen Z folks are scoping for 3D and VR content while looking to buy homes online amidst the gloomy pandemic atmosphere.

Studies have shown that real estate websites containing a virtual tour generate 4 times more clicks and 5 times more viewing time than other sites. It entails a massive boost to the brand’s performance on Google since its algorithms love interactive content and support exciting technologies like virtual tours. So, your page will rank higher in Google’s search results. Besides, customers find the 3D property viewing experience fun, dynamic and more informative than static photos. It provides a true-to-life representation of a property which makes it easier for home seekers to come to a conclusion and ink a deal.

How are virtual tours helping your SEO?

1. Backlink boost: Virtual tours are an excellent catalyst for the creation of backlinks that lead to your website and listings. With 3D walkthroughs, realty websites can receive 30% more backlinks than websites that have only static photographs of properties; because the page that contains VR content automatically attracts more eyeballs and hence a surge in traffic via backlinks. And if the links come from a website having high domain authority, your SEO will be impacted positively leading to a jump in page rankings.

2. Receive more Social signals: If your real estate website has a virtual property tour facility, people will more likely be sharing your website on social media handles and among friends and acquaintances. More the shares more will be the clicks on your website, leading to a boost in traffic. When your page is shared on social media directly by visitors, Google will catch this activity and give you more credit for your page.

3. More time spent on your website: Most real estate website owners worry about one thing-people leaving their page in under a minute. Having VR content on your website can encourage visitors to stick around for long, explore your products better and devote more time in reading your content, thus increasing the time spent on your website, reducing the bounce rate radically and boosting the impression count on your page by several notches. On average, virtual tours will lead to an increase of almost 80% in time spent on the website.

4. More traffic and excellent reach: The internet video traffic will constitute almost 81% of all consumer traffic by the end of 2021. So, search engines like Google will favor property websites having Virtual Reality tours due to prevailing consumer trends in video consumption. Businesses having virtual reality and 3D content in their websites are 94% more likely to be viewed as reputable and garner more traffic via embeds and links, thus increasing engagement and interest.

That’s a wrap! Interactive immersive experiences brought about by virtual reality tours convey emotions, increase global reach and boost the brand value of your website. Besides this, VR tours enhance your SEO performance and help your website to stand out from the millions out there, through more clicks and higher engagement.

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