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Useful tips about Virtual Property Tours for Buyers & Sellers

Virtual property tours are the talk of the town of late. Though for some years now, VR tours have helped real estate buyers find their perfect home, post-pandemic this technology has spread like wildfire.

Real estate professionals are fast catching up with virtual reality property visualization as it has become a veritable part of real estate marketing. The pleasure of interacting with property without driving the distance and being present physically has ignited the attention of homebuyers. For real estate agents, virtual property tours have halved their promotional budgets, time and efforts per se.

With the adoption of different innovative solutions for finetuning property marketing strategies including virtual reality, 3D floor plans and 3D walkthroughs, real estate professionals are leaving no stone unturned in making home buying a delightful and tangible experience.

One survey found out that homes are selling 68% faster with virtual home tours and nearly 33% of the requests for home tours have been virtual tours. While virtual home tours have exploded big time post-pandemic in the real estate market and have become the daily driver for property marketing, we have got some tips for both buyers and sellers about virtual property tours and how it is impacting them. Here’s a lowdown.

1. Virtual tours are the new normal

No matter in what part of the world you are, real estate marketing has leap-frogged by miles post-pandemic, thanks to the digitization of real estate and the adoption of virtual tours. Real estate developers are allowing virtual tour viewers to map every inch of the property, its interiors, and exteriors, through a 3D tour. There are also online walkthroughs featuring the action of walking around where visitors can walk from room to room. It consists of a video taken by the seller or realtor by holding a camera and moving across the room. Virtual property tours can be shared via social media apps like Facebook, Zoom, Instagram and WhatsApp.

2. Virtual tours create personal connections

Virtual property tours have changed the way properties are viewed. Much better and interactive than static photos, virtual tours create intimacy when it comes to buying a thing as personal as your next home. Since these tours give a clearer picture of the space inside, it helps viewers decide whether the flow and features of the house tally with their lifestyle. Homebuyers can connect with sellers through videoconferencing features and get an insider’s perspective of the best attributes of the home. For sellers, virtual tours are highly recommended since it allows you to sell your home faster and shortens the time-on-the-market span. You win the competitive race against other website listings, brokers, and agencies and at the same time make sure that potential buyers can get up a personal look inside your home.

3. Safe home sales go hand-in-hand with VR

With the pandemic restrictions still in place, virtual tours have become the go-to medium to buy and sell real estate. Buyers keen to upgrade their homes or buy their first home are going online and taking virtual tours of properties of their choice, avoiding any exposure to the outside world. On the flip side, virtual tours are keeping real estate agents safer since open houses and in-person showings have been reduced. With the help of online booking and digital payment interfaces along with digital signatures, property sales have become safer, easier and hassle-free.

4. Speed of closing depends on your goals

Virtual property tours have opened opportunity doors for sellers on account of the exposure their properties get, the number of times their properties are viewed by prospective buyers, and how quickly their listings get sold out on the market. Sellers whose listings feature virtual tours get more views and rake more sales in a short time. Through virtual tours, sellers are able to quote prices 2-3% higher even in pandemic times, since they are receiving increased buyer interest, making them feel confident about their quoted prices. Sellers however should not get carried away with the attention their property is getting and weigh the temptation of keeping their property on the market for longer periods.

So, it’s a given that virtual property tours are the be-all and end-all of real estate business today, and real estate sellers should include them in their marketing strategies. As technology develops, it will be easier, cheaper and faster to develop virtual tours for properties. And looking at the demand this technology has garnered, it can be rightly said that virtual tours will stay and be a common addition to property listings.

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