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Want to increase your marketing ROI? Here’s how virtual reality property tours can help you

Virtual Reality tours! Ah, that hi-tech, make-believe, celluloid-like experience of interacting with real estate, and so 21st century. VR property tours are the most innovative find during the Covid-induced lockdown, enabling investors and occupiers hunkered down at home to eke out a way through restrictions on on-site visits and shortlist or book property of their choice.

While property developers previously erred on the side of caution to adopt virtual property tours, lest this snazzy tactic may fail to create the desired impression on homebuyers, today it is the survival pill for most real estate developers, helping to bring internal spaces to life and visualize the surrounding area through this tech spectacle.

It’s true that virtual property tours are a nascent but growing technology. People in real estate are still coming to grips with this innovation and the potential it holds. And therefore, very few real estate stakeholders have succeeded in trying to squeeze the best outcome from this technology. So, the skepticism about virtual tours is still there.

So, if you as a real estate agent are still cynical about the potential of virtual tours, and thinking about whether this investment will pay off, we are here to clear the air on it.

Importance of Virtual Property Tours for realtors

1. An instant boost in sales: The prowess of virtual reality tours is immense. With its engaging content, life-like 3D walkthroughs and scope of viewing the property along with its unit plans, surrounding areas and location, it provides you an ample opportunity to connect with the viewers on an intimate level, something which traditional marketing media cannot boast of. A sense of authenticity about virtual tours is what instills faith in homebuyers and surrounds them with a ring of assurance that they can book a property without even seeing it in person. This leads to a direct boost in sales for realty agents, spending less time on the road and more time spent on taking buyers to the properties of their choice.

2. Customize your content: One of the best things VR property tours bring to the table is that you can weave all your marketing efforts into this by customizing the content of the videos. You can include any updates in property unit plans, tweak the 3D video at the right places, add spatial sounds and other additional information to make the content more engaging, appealing and diverse. You can also inject targeted messages that can increase brand awareness and perception.

3. VR decreases the need for contractors: Virtual reality tours are a one-man army, since they not only show virtual 3D tours but also floor plans, unit plans, 360-degree view of the location and HDR photos if needed. What that means is you don’t have to hire an army of contractors or sign up for a bunch of services to do the work. Just a virtual property tour will suffice all your needs at nearly no cost.

4. Get ahead of the competition: Virtual property tours are the next big thing in the world of real estate. Today’s millennials have a thirst for visual content. Producing appealing property presentations by investing in VR technologies and distributing them on web-based platforms, social media and mobile apps, can increase your marketing ROI, generate more leads, bring more web traffic to your listings, boost brand awareness and develop an image of honesty and trust. This will catapult your brand to the top of the competition and help you stand out from the crowd.

5. Bring people together: The sole goal of any marketing campaign is to bring people and communities together by understanding what product will fit them best. Virtual tours are a great tool to market your inventory via live broadcast events, share it with the right people and communities and get them talking about the properties. This will not only encourage engagement but also increase enthusiasm about the product.

So, there you have all the great reasons to adopt VR and 3D property tours in your real estate business. Hope the initial scare about virtual reality has withered off from your mind. However, before inducting VR tools, do a fair amount of research about what features you will include in the virtual tours. Rest assured, your marketing ROI will swell and you will have a leg up on the competition.

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