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Why Virtual Tours for Pre-Construction Properties are here to stay?

Selling pre-construction properties is a tough nut to crack. Because who would even think of booking a home looking at shiny brochures and mocks of a building. People don’t want to open their purse strings for something intangible and that is why sales pitches become an uphill battle.

However, it is crucial for builders to sell apartments of a pre-construction project since it provides them enough liquidity and confidence to embark on that mission. With the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic in full bloom, realtors will still have to shelve the option of in-person meetings with clients till good times prevail. This is where the trend of using 3D walkthroughs and virtual property tours to showcase their properties has become a savior for real estate developers.

By creating an accurate 3D representation of the property, prospective homebuyers can take a virtual tour of the apartment with its surroundings along with a locational view. There are two methods through which would-be homeowners can check their new home without having to leave the comfort of their homes. The first is a web-based viewer where users can take an online self-guided tour of the property and see the facets in their entirety. The second is a virtual walkthrough where viewers wear a VR headset and virtually walk through the property using a controller. This helps the users get an immersive 3D view of the property that is captivating and convincing enough to arrive at a decision.

Pre-Construction properties need virtual tours to sell

The Good News is that this trend has caught like wildfire and will continue even if the Covid-19 pandemic becomes a distant memory. Here are some reasons why.

1. Positive reaction from homebuyers: Virtual tours have become a hit among homebuyers as they bring a conceptual home into life allowing homebuyers to visualize their future home, with all the customizations. They can get a feel of entering the property and at the same time take a hard look at every aspect of the space-view from the windows and balcony, where sunlight will come from, and what colors will look good for which room. They can even imagine where the sofa set will fit and how the kitchen cabinets will be. This allows buyers to tour the property as if it already exists. On the other hand, listings that have virtual tours included, receive 400% more inquiries and are preferred by most millennial buyers.

2. Virtual tours reduce friction: Believe it or not, but virtual tours have become an economical avenue to visit properties. People now don’t have to hop outside and visit a property sales office and then drive to the property site to see the area in person. This has reduced friction in the sales process. People get a fair idea of the dimensions of the property and the unit plans through virtual tours. This has increased conversions from the developers' end and so this trend will not vanish in thin air.

3. Virtual tours make marketing properties easier: For a developer, the biggest challenge is to market a project effectively and pique the interests of consumers quickly. Traditional marketing tactics like brochures and photographs are fast becoming obsolete in the pandemic situation and virtual tours have come up as the last resort and how. The visual experience that a virtual tour provides is unparalleled. The emotions conjured up through this 3D home expedition are unmatched, so much so that viewers find it hard to put the offer down and make a booking.

Virtual tours for buying properties are set to become the new norm as homebuyers will slowly become attuned to buy properties only after taking a virtual walkthrough of them. Not only do they give homebuyers the luxury and convenience to look at a property without taking a drive to the site, but they also make a brilliant marketing tool, something that will change the real estate business forever.

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